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Historia reducidaOn 5th December 1956, thirteen farmers decided to rent a private mill for 30000 pesetas to try the milling of their olives altogether. 

This is considered the first fact of the constitution of S.C.A. San Juan Villargordo, whose first constituent assembly took place on 2nd February 1957. Mr. José Delgado Fernández was named interim president of the cooperative society. The articles of establishment of the society were signed on 3rd June 1957, supervised by the notary Mr. Hipólito Rodríguez Esteban from the Official College of Granada.

On their first season (1956/57) SCA San Juan Villargordo milled 606489 Kg of olives and produced 126880 Kg of olive oil. This is a 20,92% production. Initially, the society was formed by 43 members.

The olives reception capacity of the facilities is 400000 Kg per day, with a milling capacity of 500000 Kg per day and a cellar capacity of 3 million Kg of olive oil in stainless steel tanks of 50000 Kg.