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Milling system

Molturación del aceiteThe milling system used to extract the olive oil is known as INTEGRAL CONTINUOUS SYSTEM, two phases, avoiding alpechin emission by obtaining the oil and a by-product called 'alperujo'.

The machinery used for the oil extraction is J4 PIERALISI, with capacity for 10000 Kg/hour, and SPI 7 PIERALISI, with capacity of 15000 Kg/hour; we also use VCF 552-08-36 GEA-WESTFALIA, with capacity for 37500 Kg/hour.

To carry out a great milling process a good shake of the mass is needed, keeping a suitable temperature to take care of the good qualities of the olive oil. With the aim of obtaining the oil with the best organoleptic properties, at the beginning of the campaign we work at 25º C, reaching 29º C at the end of the campaign.

For the decanting process we use three PIERALIS P6000 centrifugal machines with capacity for 10500 Kg each one and ten rinser machines with capacity for 10500 Kg. cada uno. To store the oil we have a 46 stainless steel tanks cellar with capacity for 2,2 million Kg., an oil press and two air tanks (total capacity: 2,78 million Kg.).