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Our philosophy

Nuestra filosofía, nuestro aceite de oliva

The S.C.A. San Juan Villargordo is a more than 50 years old olive producers association with the aim of expand the marketing of their best oil to members and customers by using social networks, website, online shop and all the channels avilable in the modern society.

Because of the small size of the association, we also use the worth to mouth of our customers as the best marketing tool to reach the maximum number of possible customers. Thanks to the quality of our product, we trust on these customers to get the expansion needed to market all the production of our oil.

We know that the only way to obtain the best product is getting the best raw material. This will make the sale and distribution easier. In San Juan we only produce extra virgin olive oil of the best quality obtained by mechanical processes only. This is the only product you will find in our online shop.